Retro Boat Rentals ATX has vintage fiberglass boats that have been retrofitted with electric motors for slower speeds and smaller environmental footprint . We’ll cruise for 90 minutes on Lady Bird Lake!

With fanciful fins and headlights, retro cool colors and chrome details, we’ve kept their vintage style but retro-fitted them with electric motors. They’re quiet and environmentally friendly, allowing for conversation and to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of Austin. 

Children are welcome as long as they wear a life jacket (which you can get there). Dogs can ride in June, one boats in their fleet. (If Sadie comes she can wear the vest we bought for Nelson. And Nelson can stay behind.)

We just need to pick a day when we are free for a couple of hours and with nice weather. Reservations are ideal, especially if we want to bring Sadie and ride in June.

Merry Christmas!