For immediate gratification, visit this Dropbox link (works on phone or laptop)

Installing in Apple Music (laptop required)

Download and extract this .zip file onto your laptop

Open Apple Music and create a new playlist

Drag the MP3 files into your new playlist

Make any changes you want to cover art, titles, etc.

Make sure both your phone and laptop are signed in with the same Apple ID

Connect your phone to your laptop with a cable

Open a Finder Window and locate your phone in the finder

Sync the playlist between desktop and phone (Note: This step might take awhile if your Mac decides to create a backup first)

Eject your phone from the Finder window

Open playlists in the Music app on your phone—if all went well the new playlist will appear

These meditations were created for Jenna Opperman, an Austin, TX-based Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and Co-Active coach with advanced degrees in poetry and social work.