It’s live! DEEP FREEZE! My short film about how we’re all going to die miserable and alone! It’s hilarious!

Produced at the Austin School of Film as part of their eight-week “script-to-screen” workshop. I came in with a half-baked idea and left with a professional-grade movie production, featuring an insanely talented cast and crew.

This is a comedy about dying miserable and alone in a godforsaken future.

It asks how well we really know our life partners. And it’s about climate change and tech fanboy-ism, with a sprinkling of abortion rights. Something for everyone!

Produced entirely at the Austin School of Film during their “script to screen” class, led by Illyana Bocanegra.


Written and Directed by Noah Masterson

CAST Jessica Burch: Daniela

Matthew B. Henry: Matt / Old Matt


Producer: Illyana Bocanegra

Assistant Director: Louis Toliver Jr.

Director of Photography: Zona Gilreath

Sound Recording: James Dyer

Lighting Effects: Isaac Louden

Special Effects Makeup Artist: Jade Andalon

The Pod: Eric Allen, Noah Masterson

Production Assistants: Eric Allen, Ivan Masterson

Editors: Louis Toliver Jr., Noah Masterson

Sound Effects: Greg Finn Gibson

Graphic Design: Kate Ferguson

Very Good Boy: Baxter

Casting Support Services: Breakdown Services

All songs by Greg Finn Gibson and the Young Adults

Shot entirely in the Cinemaker Space at Austin School of Film.