Annihilate This Week

Finally got around to uploading the javascript necessary for CSS dropdown navigation to work in Internet Explorer. I also removed the Search widget because it was concealing the navigation. I can add it later once I figure out what I’m doing.

The challenge now is making all the sub-navigation choices show up. Currently only the first item in the dropdown appears, the rest presumably buried beneath the next element in the code. I’m experimenting with the “z-index” positioning property in CSS but so far to no… uh… no avail.

UPDATE: Dropdowns work now in Firefox but not IE. I feel like putting one of those “best viewed in…” messages on the homepage, next to the animated gif of the construction worker.

UPDATE 2: Working in IE now! Apparently I’m not the first to discover z-index bugs in IE

White Shirt + Tan = Power

Two paying gigs have been occupying my time lately, so I have not finished the dropdown menus or anything else on this site.

Coincidentally, I had just run across this tutorial on how to create an online slide show using jQuery and CSS when a friend/client asked if I could help put her portfolio online. I estimated it would take 5-10 hours to get a functional slide show up and running, but it actually took far less. Once again, free stuff on the inter-web saves the day!

The other project is a Typepad website for a nonprofit. I’ll add both to my Web Projects page once completed.

When you're 16 going on 17…

I often wish I had time to really learn CSS or PHP/MySql or AJAX or fill-in-the-blank. Like, spend a month on a desert island doing nothing but online tutorials. The truth is, I don’t have time for that, and it doesn’t matter. I’m much more interested in what these tools can do for me than how they work. It’s helpful to know the rudiments; beyond that, there will always be thousands of people who know more than I do and often give their work away for free.

When I was a kid I once asked my brother why Kirk was captain of the Enterprise. After all, I said, Spock was stronger and smarter. I forget his exact words, but basically, Spock knows all the PHP/MySql—while Kirk runs the damn ship. I’d like to think I’m more like Kirk than Spock. Or hell, Pike.

Update from John:

well, it’s an important question!

I would think about it in GURPS rules.

had a higher Health, Strength, Intelligence, and a mess of science
Skills, but Kirk had useful Advantages such as Charisma and Appearance,
which aided his various social Skills like Leadership, Savior-Fair,
Fast-talk, Diplomacy, Administration.

Only in caveman societies do the Strongest lead.