Austin is Grupthink-Powered

I moved to Austin in summer 2009, but I've felt it was my destiny to live here since 1986, when the Dead Milkmen's Eat Your Paisley! was released. On "Six Days" the band sings about all the crappy cities they've visited. But the final verse is about Austin:I loved it in AustinI wanted to stayCheap … Continue reading Austin is Grupthink-Powered

The family business

My brother, John, and his business partner, Steven, have been running the web-hosting company Modwest for nearly 10 years. In 2006 they launched Grupthink, a free-for-all discussion platform, and just recently, the professional version of Grupthink that allows businesses to create their own branded feedback communities. It's been interesting to sit on the sidelines … Continue reading The family business