What would you do with your time if you didn’t need to work?

This question came up for me during a recent therapy session. (Being married to a couples therapist requires openness to regular couples therapy and to introspection I might otherwise avoid.) What would I do with my time if I didn’t need to work? I like to think of myself as a creative person with many interests and hobbies but the truth is most of that died on the vine a long time ago.

I have a degree in filmmaking. Aside from a couple of lackluster screenplays and a short documentary about a tug-of-war competition I’ve never “done anything” with that degree. But I loved all of my film classes at the University of Miami and now that I’m older maybe I have something to say. More stories to tell. Or maybe it’s just an avenue toward a richer post-work life.

Anyway, I signed up for an eight-week course at the Austin School of Film. I imagine I’ll be the oldest one there, which could be a story unto itself. I’m planning to write about it here. Meanwhile Jen signed up for a drawing class. (She’s never drawn!) She might author a few posts here as well. Wish us luck! (Also, jobs are jails. Capitalism sucks etc. etc.)

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