All You Have to Do

My 3-year old daughter and I were sitting in the back room of the old Omelettry waiting for our breakfast plates when she asked if I would like her to teach me how to draw a horse. “Absolutely!” spilled off my tongue and she went to work, simultaneously grabbing a crayon from the four-pack on the table and flipping over the pre-printed “Kids Fun” paper to the blank side. “Mama, all you have to do is draw circles. Watch me.” Dutifully, I did, but when it came time for me to try, my horse clearly had problems. It’s been over two decades since that attempt, and it feels high time to try my hand again. I registered for a beginning class titled “Exploring Great Women Artists” at The Contemporary Austin, which starts in a couple of weeks. I’m curious what we’ll be asked to draw. Maybe a horse. Just in case, I’ve practiced my circles. I’m ready.

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