#But #seriously. #Enough with the #hashtags.

I was being snarky when I created this pie chart, posted here on July 11:

Infographic: Twitter Hashtags

But I was also being serious. Hashtags are overused, especially by marketers. Too many hashtags will make your tweets unreadable and will alienate your followers. You should ask yourself these questions before adding a hashtag to a tweet.

Is anyone ever going to search for information based on that hashtag?

And by “anyone” I mean “anyone sane.” There are lots of useful hashtags, especially those that identify a shared experience like a conference or live TV show. But overly broad hashtags like #web #marketing #guru only clutter your tweets. Anyone clicking that type of hashtag is clearly insane and you don’t want them in your life.

Tweet from @imthq

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Tweet from @bryanAndaya

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Is it funny?

 You be the judge.

Tweet from @TheSulk

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Tweet from @meganamram

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Is it part of a meme?

Tread carefully: If you’re trying to start a meme with a hashtag you will most likely fail.

tweet from @_snape

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Tweet from @satellitehigh

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Any questions? Did I miss anything?

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