Facebook Lists Vs. Google Circles

Google Circles
Back in March I wrote about how to use Facebook lists to manage who sees what you post on Facebook. Since then Google+ has launched as a direct competitor to Facebook, and Facebook has quickly incorporated some of Google’s best features into their interface. But one thing Facebook is having trouble copying — despite best attempts — is the “Circles” feature.

Circles, on Google+, are pretty much the same thing as Facebook lists: a way to organize your contacts into groups, so you can choose what to share with whom. The difference is that Circles are intrinsic to Google+. You can’t not use them. On Facebook, however, chances are you don’t use lists, and if you wanted to use lists you would have to spend a lot of time hand-selecting which list to add which friends to. Total pain in the behind.

Advantage: Google.

I use Circles to sort people into friends (with whom I can be utterly juvenile and profane), family, acquaintances (e.g. people I know from Twitter only), and colleagues (with whom I share almost nothing – HA!).  It’s easy to do, and easy to create new Circles on the fly.

Why don’t you join me?

One thought on “Facebook Lists Vs. Google Circles

  1. From purely the end users perspective and user requirements, both these approaches – Lists and Circles – are constraining approaches and not the best way to group contacts and filter the sharing and following options.

    There must be different approach than the current bucketing approach. I have written about the bucket vs tag approach for managing friends list and feed filtering here http://rohanrao.com/facebook-lists-and-google-circles-the-bucket-approach-and-how-it-fails/

    Would love to have your thoughts.
    Cheers ~

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