Web Bootcamp Drill #2: Social Media Fluency

drill-sergeant.jpgSome of my colleagues in marketing asked me to share my knowledge of
the web—everything from HTML to social media. They think it will help
them in their careers, and it will. But I plan to make them suffer.

On your feet, soldiers!

This next drill is even more self-serving than the last. But it’s my blog, I am the drill sergeant, and what I say GOES. It is also more fun—although your having fun is the least of my concerns.

You have one week to complete ONE of the following tasks:

1. Earn 50 karma points on Reddit;


2. Earn 50 Grupie points on Grupthink;


3. Post something on Twitter that gets retweeted.

Post proof of task completion in the comments section of this blog post. Extra credit for completing more than one of the tasks.

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