Web Bootcamp Drill #1

drill-sergeant.jpgSome of my colleagues in marketing asked me to share my knowledge of the web—everything from HTML to social media. They think it will help them in their careers, and it will. But I plan to make them suffer. I set up server space to get them started (the single nice thing I will do for them during this boot camp), but, particularly if you have a web host (I recommend Modwest), you can play along at home on most of the drills. If you’re willing to sweat blood, that is.

Drill #1

You have 24 hours to complete this task. Do not ask anyone—especially not me—for help until you have fully Googled the problem on your own.

  1. Download and install a free FTP client. Log in using the protocols I emailed you. Create a directory named whatever you want in /htdocs/www/bootcamp/. (This is your personal directory. You’ll see that I have a directory named “sarge.”)
  2. Create a second directory within your personal directory. Name this one “images.”
  3. Find a picture of someone, preferably someone you know, doing something stupid. (We are going to ridicule this person publicly.) Upload the image to your /images directory.
  4. Next, open a new document in Notepad or Wordpad or SimpleText (not Microsoft Word).
  5. Go to this this page and copy the source code into your document.
  6. In your document, change the code so that page title, headline, and text say something different, and so that it references your image instead of mine. 
  7. Save your document as “index.html”
  8. Upload the document to your personal directory. 
  9. If you did everything correctly, your web page will appear at http://www.avenuedmedia.com/bootcamp/name-of-your-personal-directory/
  10. Post a link to your page in the comments of this blog post.
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