Quick CMS/Blogging Platform Comparison

I originally launched this site to explore the possibilities of using Movable Type as a full-blown content-management system (CMS). Since then, many professional Movable Type themes have been released that make this possible, even easy. Additionally, I’ve had an opportunity to play with a few other free platforms. Here is a quick, possibly unfair comparison:

Use Drupal if you need a really complicated website.

Use WordPress (self-hosted) or Movable Type for everything else. (I’m starting to lean toward WordPress but still pretty much ambivalent. Right now, Movable Type is about the same as WordPress in terms of features and usability, but harder to install. This could change with each new version.)

is clunky if you need a lot of customization, which virtually every client will. I imagine the
hosted version of WordPress is similar but I haven’t used it yet.

Stay far, far away from Joomla.

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