My God Can Beat Up Your God

Just installed a “ShareThis” widget on pretty much every page of this site, so now the masses can begin spreading my message like Country Crock.

Also, Jimmy Legs pointed out that my captcha images were missing from comments, which explains why I have yet to receive a single comment. That and the fact that I have like four visitors, most of whom came here after clicking one of my misleading blog-post titles in Google. Anyway, I believe I have diagnosed the captcha problem as an incompatibility with my host‘s Apache server. From a post on MT’s message board:

…the trouble is that apache doesn’t seem to parse URLs of this form
correctly – basically it doesn’t realise that everything after the .cgi
is the query string.

However, this also strikes me as BS. The problem became evident in Movable Type almost two years ago. This MT installation is only a couple of months old. So either my diagnosis is incorrect or MT is taking way too long to fix this problem. In the meantime I have removed captcha from comments, so spam away. 

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