The Statue Got Me High

I added a bunch of new pages to this site last night and finally got the CSS dropdowns to work the way they are supposed to. (Although they are slow to load and slightly buggy in Internet Explorer because they rely on javascript instead of CSS.) At this point I don’t have enough content to warrant dropdown menus but I wanted to prove they could work. And it was all thanks to this tutorial.

BTW, I’m taking a calculated risk when I publish some of the more personal, edgy stuff on here. I usually work places for years before I even mention that I used to be a musician, playing in dank clubs in strange cities and sleeping in vans. That I used to be a writer of sorts, banging out doggerel for alt weeklies and online lit zines. That I used to be a professional juggl—wait…that’s going too far.

My life is a pretty open book to anyone who knows how to use Google, and that includes bosses, HR directors, recruiters, potential clients, landladies, parents, children, and mortgage lenders. There’s no sense denying that I had a life before my professional one. What this site can do is filter out the noise. It’s also teaching me a helluva lot about Movable Type, which was the whole point.  

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