Will you please be quiet please?

If you are one of the four daily visitors to noahmasterson.com, you’ve noticed some changes. I just installed a Movable Type blog. My goal is not to pollute the blogosphere with the minutia of my existence. Rather, I want to learn as much about Movable Type–and its potential as a full-blown CMS–as possible.

Here are two other blogs I have created, both of them for my wife, Sarah:

NoahMasterson.com was the fastest install I’ve done, but I still had problems. For starters, it’s never a good idea to begin an installation at 9 p.m. on a work night, especially if you are sleep-deprived, as most parents are. (I’ve got two kids, one of which is teething and hates his bed.) By 10 p.m., all my files had been uploaded, and permissions set, but the tables were not writing to the database correctly. I logged into the control panel at my web host, dropped an old database, created a new one, and went to bed, figuring I would need to start from scratch the next day.

It’s always good to sleep on a problem. This morning I knew exactly what to do: I manually edited the mt-config.cgi file to point to the correct database and the installation went smoothly from there.

So here we are. My overall plan is to set up different sections of this website for my resume, music, writing, etc., chronicling the changes on the blog.

Post Script: This entry did not initially publish. (This was the helpful error message: “{P is world writable.”) I checked all my chmod permissions and all seemed correctly set to 755. Finally, after much toiling, I went into MT’s preferences and changed all my file extensions from .php to .html and that solved it. But why can’t I use .php? It would make me look so much cooler!  

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