Calling my reps #7: The Presidential Accountability Act

Got through to Rep. Roger Williams’s office and left this message:

I’m calling about HR 6340, Rep. Katherine Clark’s Presidential Accountability Act. Clark’s bill would would increase our homeland security by ensuring the homeland comes before the president’s personal interests; and it would ensure that the president is not immune from investigation. I’m calling to ask that you do your job, as a legislator and an American, and make sure Rep. Clark’s bill passes.

There is literally no chance he will support this bill. But we must apply pressure so he knows there is resistance.

Calling my reps #6: Trump Hotel

Every day brings a new horror. This week it was Kuwait moving their annual party from the Four Seasons to the Trump Hotel. I called Sens. Cornyn and Cruz with this short message:

Donald Trump needs to fully divest from the Trump Hotel and all other holdings. We cannot have a president who puts his personal interests ahead of those of the country.

Rep. Roger Williams has a new phone system (or maybe call volume was just higher than usual today) which did not allow messages.


Calling my reps #4: Russian intervention in elections

Today I called my congressional representatives, all of them Republican, about the possible (let’s face it: probable) Russian hacking into our elections. This is more or less what I said:

Hello, I am one of your constituents in Texas. I am concerned about the possible foreign intervention from Russia into our presidential election. I encourage you to join your fellow GOP senators and representatives in calling for a full inquiry. This is not a democratic or republican issue. Our nation is founded on free and fair elections, and foreign intervention puts our democracy at risk. History, and voters, will not look kindly on representatives in Congress who looked the other way when a foreign government infiltrated our elections. Thank you.

If you’d like more scripts to use with your reps, you can follow along here.

Calling my reps #3: Ben Carson

I called Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. John Cornyn, and Rep. Roger Williams today. This is what I said:

I’m calling to voice my concerns about the selection of Dr. Ben Carson as head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and to urge you to block his appointment in the Senate. I believe that Carson’s retrograde statements on public housing and fair housing rules to be a threat to the civil rights of countless American citizens, and I believe that he lacks the experience and expertise necessary for this position. I strongly advocate for you to block his nomination by all possible means, for the sake of the vulnerable Americans you serve.

Credit to for the inspiration.

Calling my reps #2: Global Warming

I called Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. John Cornyn, and Rep. Roger Williams today. This is what I said:

Hello, I am one of your consituents in Texas. I am concerned about global warming. I don’t believe that Republicans are genuine when they disagree with the scientific consensus that global warming is caused by humans and threatens our planet. Rather, Republicans are aware that the only real way to combat global warming is through progressive policies espoused by Democrats, such as investment in renewable energy and public transportation. It is time to put politics aside and do what is right for our children and grandchildren. We can debate the methods of fighting manmade global warming, but we must stop debating its existence. Thank you for listening.

All of my reps are Texas Republicans, so I’m trying to tailor my messages to that fact, in such a way that they might actually listen. I’m tracking all of my calls here. You are welcome to reuse what I wrote.